Tips For A More Relaxing Visit To The Dentist

While sedation dentistry makes it easier to visit the dentist, the tips shared below can help with relaxation too.

Share your concerns – Let your sedation dentist know about your concerns… about a certain procedure, about your on-going struggles with dental visits, about your fear of certain aspects of the visit. The more you can communicate your concerns with them, the better they will be able to customize their approach to fit your needs.

Ask questions – Knowledge equals power, and the more you know, the more you’ll feel in control of your dental visit. Ask questions of your sedation dentist, and if you don’t understand the answers, continue to ask more questions, until you feel fully comfortable.

Visit the dentist regularly – One of the very best ways to make visits to the dentist less stressful is to come in for dental check-ups and treatments on a regular basis. The more often you visit a dentist, the easier it is to catch problems at their earliest stages.

Use distractions – Listening to music or watching the television might help take your mind off the dental treatment at hand.

Think relaxing thoughts – While you’re at the dentist, think relaxing thoughts. Imagine yourself on vacation or doing one of your favorite activities.  Focus on that thought and picture the details.

Don’t rush – Schedule your dental appointment with free time before and also after it, so that you’re not rushing to arrive or leave.  It’s a small choice that can make a big difference.

Breathe deeply – Deep breathing can help relax you while you’re at the dentist. When you feel anxious, you might be inclined to inadvertently hold your breath, which tenses your muscles.  In order to counter this, be conscious of your breathing, taking deep, rhythmic breaths.

Give yourself credit – A trip to the dentist may be one of the most challenging things you do if you’re anxious, fearful, or phobic. Once you’ve successfully completed a dental visit, take a moment to give yourself the credit you deserve.

Use some or all of the tips above, add in sedation dentistry, and you’ll have the best chance for a relaxed visit.

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