Causes Of Dental Anxiety

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If you have dental anxiety, you’re not alone! Many people suffer from dental anxiety, ranging from mild anxiety to severe dental phobia.

Luckily, sedation dentistry can help! Depending on your level of anxiety and the type of dental procedure, laughing gas, oral sedation, or IV sedation could offer a solution. We’re one of the few dental offices in the Phoenix metro area to offer all three of these types of sedation.

A lot of dental anxiety stems from past experience, specifically a traumatic experience at the dentist. These are other common causes of dental phobia and anxiety:

  • panic attacks
  • fear of pain
  • general anxiety
  • fear of shots and needles
  • adverse reaction to Novocain
  • trouble getting numb
  • anxiety about loss of control
  • jaw or TMJ issues
  • low pain tolerance
  • difficulty keeping your mouth open
  • PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)
  • strong gag reflex

If it’s been awhile since your last dental visit, and anxiety is making it hard to schedule an appointment, consider sedation. Thanks to sedation, you can have a positive experience, free of pain and anxiety.

Sedation can help for even the most simple procedures. For example, laughing gas for cleanings is often the answer for people who feel anxious. And for more complex dental treatments and procedures, oral sedation and IV sedation can be the key to ensuring a comfortable experience.

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