Humana Dental Insurance ~ In Network ~ Preferred Providers

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Our dental office is in network for Humana Dental insurance. Dr. Spurling is a preferred provider for Humana Dental. Because we’re in network, preferred providers, you’ll pay “in network” rates, the lowest available.

Not all Humana Dental providers in the Phoenix area offer the three types of sedation for dentistry. By choosing to come to our dental office, you’ll have the opportunity to have: IV sedation, oral sedation, and laughing gas.

Humana Dental insurance is one of the top dental PPOs in the Phoenix area. By getting approved as a preferred provider, we’ve agreed to follow all of Humana Dental’s policies. For each treatment and procedure, we also charge pre-set rates that have been negotiated by Humana Dental. By visiting our office, you’ll be staying within Humana’s PPO network, which, in most cases, will be less expensive than if you choose to visit a dental office that’s out of network.

Before you follow through with any dental treatment or procedure, we can file a “pre-determination of benefits” with Humana Dental. This will give you an estimate of the total costs, and what portion will be covered by your Humana insurance, and what portion you’ll owe. Taking advantage of the pre-determination of benefits can be extremely beneficial, helping you to budget and plan for the amount that you’ll need to pay.

Once you’ve received treatment, we’re also happy to file your Humana insurance claim for you. At the time of service, we ask that you pay your estimated co-pay and deductible, and then we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll submit your insurance claim to Humana Dental and wait for reimbursement.

Our dental office is in Mesa, which is in the East Valley area. We’re a dentist near you, if you live or work in:

  • Mesa
  • Tempe
  • Phoenix
  • Scottsdale
  • Chandler
  • Gilbert

For information about your Humana Dental insurance coverage, please call (480) 493-0046, or e-mail

Please make note that in addition to being in network for Humana Dental, our dental office is also in network, as preferred providers, for: Guardian Dental, Delta Dental, Aetna Dental, Cigna Dental, United Healthcare Dental, United Concordia Dental, and Metlife Dental.