Facts About Dentistry And Sedation

Today’s digital X-rays take only a fraction of a second, a stark contrast from the first X-ray in a dentist’s office, which took more than 25 minutes (way back in 1895).

How to keep your teeth superbly clean? You can buy an electric toothbrush! Dentists recommend them to their patients and for good reason – they usually remove 98.2% of plaque, compared to manual brushing which only removes about 48.6%.

The smile makeover options available today are completely amazing! Thanks to sedation dentistry, most of the time, the dental treatment can be completed in just a single, easy visit.

Laughing gas (formally known as nitrous oxide), was named for the effect it had on people. This method of sedation was first introduced into the U.S. in the 1840s, probably not in Phoenix, though, since the area wasn’t settled at that time.