Oral Sedation Dentistry In Phoenix, Arizona

With the magic of oral sedation dentistry, you can “sleep” through your dental visit and leave with little or even no memory of it!

Time can fly when you’re sitting in the dental chair. Also known as “sleep dentistry” or “conscious sedation dentistry,” this type of sedation involves taking a pill prior to treatment. Once you “wake up,” all of your dental work has been completed. During the procedure, your sedation dentist will continually monitor your pulse, blood pressure, and your oxygen levels.

Oral sedation dentistry is the perfect fit if you:
-are scared of needles
-have sensitive teeth or gums
-have an overactive gag reflex
-are nervous when you visit the dentist
-have a hard time getting numb
-would prefer to have complex dental treatment performed in one visit

Please be aware that with this type of sedation dentistry, you will be required to have someone drive you home from your dental visit and monitor you for approximately two to four hours afterward, due to the sedative after-effects of this sedation method.

Whether you live or work in or around the communities of Phoenix, Glendale, Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale, Sun Valley, Peoria, Mesa, or Queen Creek, Arizona, there’s a sedation dental office near you.  Contact them for more detailed information on your local sedation options.